1. withoutreferences:

    I didn’t get to go home for thanksgiving so I had a lot of free time on my hands. Also emily I stole your flower crown of a minute, Winston is sorry 

    I did some body painting! 


  2. fuckyeahgallifreyan said: hey! about 6 months ago you request "and the point was the point of it all" in gallifreyan, i was on hiatus and i thank you for your patience! I'm back and have completed your request! Thank you, again, and I hope you like it!

    thanks! its awesome!!! 


  4. New Theory

    So what if the doctor as 12 didn’t want to regenerate again so he decided to live a quiet normal life in Pompeii. he went back in time and stayed Pompeii and have a family and was the guy that the doctor (10) met when he was there with Dona.  Only he (12) has no ideal and dosen’t believe 10 because he used a fob watch and did the same thing as the master or when 10 became John Smith

  5. Sketching and painting all Sunday

  7. Winston’s a Whovian to!

    I knitted him a bow tie while we watched a Doctor Who marathon.  

  8. withoutreferences:

    Bill Nye the science guy!!!

  11. Rest In Peace Stompin’ Tom Connors. You will always be one of the greatest Canadians.  I was about 9 when my dad took me my sister and my sister to our first concert ever, to see Stompin’ Tom at Massey Hall in Toronto.  You taught me my provinces and capitals, and I will never forget you 

  12. so this just happened…


  13. DAMN STRAIGHT!!! December 10 is the best day of the year!!! My birthday!!!

    1. Shirley: You realize there's no other way for me to take this than as a giant middle finger to the most important day of the year.
    2. Jeff Winger: December 10?
  14. Emma Kiy